Super Ultralight Backpacking Gear – Part 2

An in-depth review of the gear and equipment that makes up my system for Super Ultra Light Backpacking trips. In this 4 part video series, we take a comprehensive look at one style of lightweight backing which can reduce your overall base pack weight to less than 5 pounds. This style of hiking is technically referred to as “S.U.L.” or “Super Ultra Lightweight Backpacking”.
After much time spent in the field hiking with packs weighing upward of 50lbs, the past few years have found me leaning toward a slightly more “minimalist” approach in regard to my backpacking style. This path first brought me to pack weights of about 20 pounds… ultimately arriving where I am now with a full feature pack weighing less than 5lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I like gear as much as the next person. In fact, a variety of gear is not only necessary for certain outdoor pursuits, but mandatory in many instances. With that said, I have taken a serious look at what I actually “need” for certain activities, and have been adopting a “less is more” mindset. This has been a person challenge as well as a way for me to experience the outdoors in a new way… sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit. Still, safety and comfort remain paramount. I am not advocating going into the wilderness under-equipped or unprepared. Significant experience in the field is essentially mandatory to find a balance of what is “luxury” and what is necessity. Even with this knowledge and experience, these types of gear systems are limited to specific conditions and circumstances. Of course, all of this is only my own opinion and personal experience. I remain open-minded and welcome any insight, experience, and advice that you may have to offer. Happy trails my friends!

Part 1: Introduction — Philosophy/Application — Pack Options (waist pack/backpack) — Water Bottles — Outwear — Compass/Whistle — Trail Snacks — Alcohol Stove — Cookset
Part 2: Water Purification & Filter — Flashlight/Headlamp — Hygiene — First-Aid Kit — Sleep System — Raingear – Clothing
Part 3: Tarp Tent/Shelter — Repair Kit — Fishing Kit — Carry Items (lighter, knife, multi-tool, survival kit) — Backpacking Meals/Food
Part 4: Extras: Fishing Tackle (rod, reel, tackle) – Camera Gear/Equipment — Misc.

NOTE: The final tally for the pack shown was as follows:
Base Weight = 79.2 oz. (4.95 lbs.)
Total Cost = $43.25
* For a complete breakdown and checklist of gear, weights, and prices which make up the Super Lightweight Lumbar Pack system which is at the center of this series (including the major “load out” contents for this trip, as well as personal carry items and add-on “luxury” items), you can click on the link below:

“DIY Homemade Down Sleeping Bag”

“DIY Backpacking Ultralight Gravity Fed Water Filter” by Wawhiker

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