How To Distill Hand Sanitizer Into Alcohol Fuel

“Stove Secrets” – Alcohol stove builds, tips, tricks, and secrets for the true DIY gear junkie. No fancy or expensive tools & machinery required! In this episode I demonstrate a simple method for how to distill hand sanitizer into a viable alternative alcohol stove fuel. Although not the most efficient fuel source, distilled hand sanitizer can indeed be used as an alternate or emergency fuel. The distilling process separates the additives and moisturizers from the gel, as well as renders it into a liquid form of ethanol. It can be used in certain pressurized stoves, but is most effective when used in a very basic metal container type “stove” in combination with a pot stand. The major benefit to this fuel is that it is commonly carried and the stove system can be easily improvised in-the-field.
* Congratulations to the winner of the last “Stove Secrets” episode giveaway: Pat Combee. Due to the unexpected interest in the previous giveaway, I will be giving away another alcohol stove for this video (you can see it via the link below). To enter simply leave a comment as usual and then include a line at the end that says “Count me in”. I’ll pick a winner in the next episode of “Stove Secrets” and get one of these cool little alcohol stove out to someone. Thanks for playin’ along 😉
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