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CD-180 Automatic wet tissue folding machine can unroll raw material → slit fabric into lanes → fold → wetting → cut in size → output wet tissue. All these processes are completed on the machine,the speed is high. The machine is suitable to make wet tissue for large size packing.

Main technical parameter:(Suitable to produce 30~120 pcs/pack)
• Electrical source:380V 50HZ
• Power:4KW
• Suitable raw material:Spunlace non-woven fabric、Non-woven fabric
• GSM of raw material:40~80 g/m²
• Size of raw material:(1000~1500)×1000 mm (W×D)
• Production size (unfolded):(150~300)×(150~250) mm (L×W)
• Production size (folded):(150~300)×(80~120) mm (L×W)
• Production speed:200~280 stacks/min (5 or 6 pcs/stack)
• Folding type:”Z” folded (non-pop up)
• Weight of machine:1900 kg
machine size:5500×3000×1800 mm (L×W×H)
• Automatic pneumatic feeding material System
Making Option:
• 1.(6-12 lines) folding parts.
• 2.Automatic counting and quantity changeable pile system.
• 3.Full servo motor.

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