Flushable wipes could cost you and your city thousands

(WPMI) They are advertised as ‘flushable‘ and safe for septic systems, but are these bathroom wipes causing a bigger mess than they are Cleaning up?
Many utility companies across the United States have reported serious damages to pipes and pumps, all because these wipes do not break apart as adverstised.
The wipes and other flushable products have become problems in systems, said Jim Caudle, Daphne Utility manager.
Nearly 3 tons of waste water gets pumped through daily through the Daphne Utilities. With that water, Caudle sees a lot of these sanitary wipes.
The more resilient wipes that they are producing today, actually have a net mesh built between the folds of the paper, which makes it very difficult to break down, explained Caudle.
The City of Daphne has a system where most of these wipes get broken down by machines. This prevents the possible backflow onto the city streets.
These clogs also apply to more rural areas, where homes rely on personal grinder systems. The wipes are said to get stuck in the blades of the grinder.
It can clog up our main, check system and valves. We have to come dig it up and it’s very costly for us to do, explained Baldwin County Sewer Service’s Tim Curray.
Replacing a grinder pump can cost up to several thousands of dollars.
The most simple solution on how to save your money and prevent clogging, is to throw away these wipes instead of flushing them.

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