DIY Wooden Nail Polish Stand


So after making this video I realised that half of it made no sense, and the other half of the explanation was missing. SO I decided to give you written instructions too.

STEP ONE: Measure your space, if you are making a rack to go on the wall, then figure out how big you want it vs how wide you want the shelves to be. I decided that 4cm would be enough to hold a nail polish bottle as the generally don’t exceed that measurement in width. You also need to measure your height of the shelves, (if you’re doing it between shelves like I am, then make sure you remember to consider the width of the wood you are using) I gave my nail polish bottles around 9cm space between each shelf.

STEP TWO: Mark out where you are going to cut each piece of wood and cut it, you can do this with a hand saw or with something I am using (I have no idea what it’s called)

STEP THREE: Sand down the edges of all the wood pieces so that there are no rough edges and everything is smooth.

STEP FOUR: Mark where your pieces are going to be put together, you want to make sure that both of your sides are exactly the same, and that your lines are straight so that you don’t end up with bent or wonky shelves. Again, keep in mind the width of your wood here and ensure your spacing is equal.

STEP FIVE: Put your wood together, I used a nail gun for this purely because I had one handy (we own a lot of power tools hehe) but you could do it the old fashioned way and use a hammer. I wouldn’t recommend using a screw because it could split your wood due to how thin it is. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!

STEP SIX: Slot your shelving unit in place and nail it to the wall. If you’re using a nail gun like me, make sure all the nails are pushed all the way in by using a hammer (I did not have a hammer on hand as it was in the shelf so I used to thick metal pliers to help me push them in, worked like a charm!)

STEP SEVEN: Use a wood filler to fill any cracks or gaps in your wood. Cover up your nails and smooth it all down with your finger and/or a wet sponge (be sure to rinse your sponge straight away otherwise the wood filler will harden on it and ruin it) The wood filler takes quite a while to dry and being as I used it to fill quite large areas, I left it to dry overnight and came back to it in the morning.

STEP EIGHT: Once your wood filler is completely dry, use some sanding paper to smooth out the surface. Make sure this isn’t really rough sanding paper, you want it to be quite fine so you end up with a really smooth surface. After everything is all smooth and perfect, wipe down your entire surface with a wet cloth to remove any of the dust you have just created while sanding.

STEP NINE: PAINT! Simple right? Just paint your entire shelving unit. I also painted the areas around it so that it blended in well with my wall, AND I used the same colour paint as my wall. Of course this is the part where you can be super creative with it. I wanted a plain one to blend in but that doesn’t mean you have to! I gave my shelves 3 layers, purely because I wanted to finish my spray paint can. PLEASE OPEN A WINDOW WHILE PAINTING!! As nice as paint smells (well I think so) please try not to inhale it too much. Keep your room aired out while it is drying.

STEP TEN: Once the paint is completely dry, place you polishes however you want them!

I am totally regretting not putting my lights up in this video because of how bad the quality of lighting is in it. I’m sorry!! This is one I would so redo if I could, but that’s not really an option unfortunately. I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway, let me know if you decide to create your own nail polish stand and if you do, be sure to show me!!

Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you soon!!

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