IDEAL Hand Wipes 38-500

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These multi-purpose hand wipes are made of a durable fabric that scrubs without tearing and are pre moistened. They clean dirt, grease, lube and grime and are infused with natural hand moisturizers and Vitamin E with a orange citrus scent. They meet California C.C.R.B standards.
From the beginning of time tradespeople of all kinds have been looking for a way to quickly and cleanly wipe their hands and tools on job sites, garages and about any shop you can find. Most of us don’t mind getting a little dirty when a job has to be done. But do not want that mess left on us, on our tools or inside the truck.
If you’re still using your old T-shirts I’ve got a better way for you. Check out IDEAL’s catalog number 38 – 500 multipurpose hand wipes. You can contact our customer service department or check out our website to learn more on how you can get your hands on some. They are also made here in America!
The ideal hand wipes were created with the tech in mind. They are specially formulated to help clean dirt, lubricants and grime including Noaloz, Ickypick, dielectric grease, paint and any felt marking pens from your hands and tools. They are infused with vitamin E and a natural hand moisturizer plus a nice orange citrus smell.
They are double-sided with a non-scratching textured scrubbing surface on one side for Cleaning grimy stuff and a smooth wiping service on the opposite side for final clean up . The towels are made of polypropylene which naturally absorbs oil not water. Check out the dirty motor oil in this class of water and you can see how quickly the smooth side of the towel absorbs that oil. It will make quick work of that oily mess you have.
The bucket of hand wipes easily mounts onto a wall bracket that you can mount in the shop or truck. Buy them by the case you really can’t have too many around. Keep a tub on the truck and keep your hands and tools looking good.
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