Always Prepared First Aid Kit

This is the most comprehensive first aid kit that I have ever owned. It contains not only the traditional first aid supplies but also includes emergency survival gear too.

* The kit is contained in a compact (8″ wide, 6″ tall, 2″ thick) canvas bag that is secured with a zipper. The canvas is strong and the zipper is as well.
* The bag has a carry handle as well as two loops on the back that you can run a strap or belt through to carry on your pack or person. The back also has a reflective strip sewn onto the front of it.
* When opened the pack has a center storage panel with zippers on either side that creates even more space to store supplies. Each section has mesh or plastic pockets to store supplies in an organized manner.
* In addition to the usual bandages, first aid tape, swabs, gloves, scissors, alcohol and antibacterial wipes this kit also packs survival items. It includes a mylar emergency blanket, a rain poncho, compass whistle, razor, sewing kit, light glow stick and moleskin.

* The only thing missing from this kit is a firestarter. I added a magnesium rod and striker of my own and so have a truly complete kit.

I never would have thought to put extra items like a poncho or mylar blanket in my first aid kit so I’m glad Always Prepared thought of it for me. This is a great kit for me to keep in my car in case I ever get stranded on my long country drives. It is also a great kit to keep in an emergency bugout or preparedness bag. I would highly recommend it to friends and family and anyone else who likes to be prepared for any situation.

I purchased this product at a discount for an honest review.

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