Are wet tissues or wipes good for your skin? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Wet wipes have transformed the way we travel transformed the way and made it so easy for us to just cleans your skin, face, hands or may be your babies butt when you are traveling but our skin wipes or wet wipes are really good for your skin hen the answer will be no though it is a very convenient model you have to imagine that a wet medium or wet tissue is always a great place for a bacteria to grow so your wet tissue not only contain some cling nation but also contains a lot of preservatives as well as some antibacterial agent and these might not be actually good news for your skin it might actually make sensitive skin much worse it can make normal skin sensitive and it is not for great for long term use. The reason is these products contain lot of medicines like antibacterial agents and these on long-term contact with skin can produce lot of redness, sensitivity and rashes. So though it might be an ok idea for you to use of that Wet Wipe when you are travelling or you know you are with your child outside and you do not access to clean water it is always better on a regular regime not to use a Wet Wipe to substitute for a face cleanser. So your soap and cleanser for your body and your hands and definitely a soap free facewash for your face is the best option to keep your skin in its best health.

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