DIY Wipes or 'Wet Ones'

DIY Wipes or ‘Wet Ones’

Ditch the chemicals and start wiping with this!
Super cost effective too!

x1 2L bucket & lid
x1 stanley knife
x1 jug
x1 spoon
x1 roll of paper towel
3 cups of filtered water
1 cap full of thieves household cleaner
1tbs YL bath & shower gel
2 drop of purification

What to do:
1. Cut a cross in the lid 3-4cm
2. Stir the water, Thieves, gel and purification together
3. Put the roll into the bucket and start to slowly pour over the mix
4. Once your half way turn the roll over and continue pouring
5. Leave it for a few minutes to soften
6. Place the lid into and slowly press it down to fit the lid on
7. Remove the lid and gently pull out the middle roll
8. Pull out the end sheet from the middle and feed it through the hole we cut in the kid
9. secure the lid and enjoy your chemical free DIY wet ones

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