Waterkeeper Investigation – Flushable Wipes

Stormwater and heavy rain easily cause aging infrastructure to get overwhelmed, causing sewage to wash directly into waterways. In addition to human waste and hazardous chemicals, this includes “non-flushables” such as fats/oils/grease, condoms, feminine products, needles, and WIPES. Wipes are one of the most common non-flushable items found clogging pipes and causing damage to wastewater systems.

Solving this problem isn’t a quick fix. Bringing more awareness to the public takes time. And upgrading infrastructure is an expensive undertaking and right now, progress is not moving fast enough.

To better understand the issue, Waterkeeper took a closer look at the wipes-situation and met with Barry Orr, the City of London’s Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector.

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Music: “Accident” by Moby, provided with permission by MobyGratis.com.

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