Flush Facts – What are you flushing down the toilet?

Our aim is to educate customers on the correct use of the sewer system and household drains. Each year we attend over 85 blockages relating to items that have been incorrectly flushed away.

flushable wipes” are a huge problem! Just because the packaging states they can be flushed, doesn’t necessarily mean they should….
Wipes do NOT break down as toilet paper does. Wipes are made from synthetic material and therefore are not able to be broken down as part of our treatment process like toilet paper can. Toilet paper is an organic material coming from trees and therefore breaks down easily as part of our treatment process.

Each year we remove the equivalent of 2 shipping containers of waste items such as nappies, wipes, towels, sanitary items etc from our pumps and filters. These items should be placed in the bin not down the toilet!

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