Pampers Review & Comparison : Offspring Natural, Drypers and more! (CONFINEMENT PERIOD ONLY)

A little disclaimer : i tak beli all those pampers brand k! I dpt org kasi. The only brand yg i bought for my Baby are Drypers, Petpet and Diapex. Offspring i beli trial set dlu. If mothers interested check the website out! My advice is to try an error jangan terus beli pack besar. Rugi huhu. I learnt from my experience beli Drypers pya pack tp i pakai half je. Diapex i beli pack besar jgk sbb after dh try byk type i find out pampers ni akan works well kalo dia tebal, lembut and texture dia flat. So i confident nak beli pack besar. I share my experience because my Baby kulit sensitif, ada rashes. So i need to find out what suits with his skin. Anything questions u can put the comment down below k! Thanks for watching 💋

1. Offspring Featherless Ultra Thin
2. Offspring Fashion Drypers
3. Bosomi
4. Drypro
5. Petpet
6. Drypers
7. Huggies
8. Fitti
9. Diapex

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Masa you all view this video I’m still under confinement. Hehehe day 37 if I tak silap. Dah cantik kan? 😛 Masa pregnant idung kembang semua kembang. Haha

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