ARMPIT DETOXES have become huge within the last few years. You may have seen people pasting things such as Bentonite Clay or Apple Cider Vinegar onto their armpits to detox the glands and remove toxins!

What benefits does THIS specific Armpit Detox Provide? Each ingredient plays its own role! From anti-bacterial, to lymphatic stimulation, to moisturization! I have yet to find a detox with as many benefits of this one!

Highly Recommend this ARMPIT DETOX:

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Allyssa LaScala is a Holistic Metabolic Coach, Personal Trainer, Lyme Disease Warrior, and Adrenal Fatigue Advocate. Although she values her degree in the Exercise and Sports Science field, it was her own health challenges that ignited her deep passion to become a master of nutrition, hormonal balance, and biohacking the body to successfully achieve one’s health goals and heal the body from the inside out, naturally. She does this through several avenues. From customized nutritional planning and training programming, to e-books, to the Biohacking Bombshell Lifestyle App.
Her belief is that no matter where you are in life, no matter what is going on and what challenges you’re facing, we can design a program and implement lifestyle changes that will work for YOU and help you restore optimal health and well-being.

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