DIY – Skin Friendly Baby Wet Wipes / Make Up Removal Wet Wipes !

In today’s fast lives we mother’s/woman are addictive to hassle free lifestyles , and same goes into looking after our babies. Due to the easy access of things which is more convenient to use , we ignore or take important things for granted and blindly believe the wide range of products available in the market..
Only wen we keenly look into the ingredients or chemicals tat goes into while manufacturing of these products tat we know tat it is doing more harm tan good..

So here I have made an effort to make something ,a DIY wet wipes similar to that which is available in market but eliminating the harshness of chemicals..So one can be sure of what is going on yours or your Baby‘s skin.🤗

Try it out ppl ..and HEALTHY LIVING!!✌☺

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