Did you recently get your ears pierced? Were you so excited you don’t remember what your piercing professional said. In this video I will explain how to clean your ears and what to avoid to make your ear piercing as successful as possible. Hello, My name is Christina, founder of the Piercing Outlet.. Your jewelry and piercing go-to. I pierced ears for 5 years and I’m here to answer all your piercing questions. If you’re wondering how to clean newly pierced ears. Cleaning your ears is super important when it comes to the healing process of your ears and can make the difference between a successful piercing and an unsuccessful piercing.

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Let me start off by talking about what NOT to clean your ears with and why
What to avoid:
Alcohol – Dries out your ear. Make your ear raw
Peroxide – Scab up
Neosporin – Think about what why you put these things on wounds – bc you want it to close up and heal. That’s NOT what you want for an Ear Piercing. You don’t want to make it heal and close WHILE you have an earring in. It’s going to cause more problems than help it.

What to clean your ears with:
antibacterial soap 1-2 a day with water
The Antiseptic Solution the Piercing Place.. you can use a cotton swab or spray in bottle
Salt Water/H2Ocean which you can find on Amazon:

Few Reminders:
Wash hands before Cleaning your ears
The only time you should touch your piercing is when your Cleaning it. Over touching it and twisting can cause it to swell and cause more problems.
You want to push the earring forward to get the front of the whole and push back to get around the back of the whole
Keep in for a minimum of 4 weeks
Don’t OVER clean
Clean after using hairspray/other hair items that may touch your ear.

Please note the information in this video does not replace the advice from a medical professional.

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