Glossybox Unboxing September 2018

Hello my lovelies,

Septembers box has arrived! As always I’m super excited!
I decided to do a test of all the makeup products I received last month – which is why I have such a questionable looking face in this video! (Although I can’t imagine the foundation helped much.)

Here is a list of the products I received for reference just encase you’re interested in any of them!

– Beauty Pro ~ Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal ~ RRP: £4.95 (full size)
– Wild Garden ~ Pure & Fabulous Eau de Parfum ~ RRP: £12 (full size)
– Bang Beauty ~ Eyebrow Cream ~ Dark Brown ~ RRP: £16.80 (full size)
– Karl Lagerfield + Model Co ~ Lip Liner ~ Rosewood ~ RRP: £25 (full size)
– Grow Gorgeous ~ Scalp Detox ~ RRP: Deluxe Mini £7.37 (50ml) ~ Full Size : £28 (190ml)
– Wet Ones ~ Be Fresh antibacterial Wipes ~ RRP: £1.19 (Full Size ~ 12 Wipes)

In the future, if I receive bits that aren’t quite for me, I may set them aside and use them for a giveaway!

Teen Hearts Clothing discount code for 10% off: CANNOTFLY

For reference my personal email related to my youtube is:

Love you muchly

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