My night skin routine using the Nivea 1 minute Urban Detox Mask

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NIVEA Daily Essentials 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask allows you to exfoliate dead skin cells and deep-cleanse your skin. A simple skin detox that takes just 1 minute and can easily become part of your daily skin care routine. Refine your skin’s natural beauty and reduce environmental stressors on skin.

Detoxifies skin by reducing envrionmental stressors on the skin
Exfoliates dead skin cells, providing extra deep cleansing
Purifies skin, refines its appearance, and supports a perfect complexion’

I have also used:

Nivea Face Care Essentials 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask
Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover –
Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing facial cleansing Wipes
Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing facial Wash Gel
Nivea soft night moisturizing cream
Swiss Hydrating toner mist

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