10 Mistakes You Keep Making When Washing Your Face

How to improve your skin health? You try to be diligent and wash your face each and every day. But some of the things you’re probably doing during your daily face-washing regimen could actually be hurting your skin!

Remember that it takes your skin 28 days to renew itself. So if you start using these tips right away, don’t expect results overnight. Also, if you’re looking for a healthy glow from within, consider drinking more water and eating healthier foods.

Using products that aren’t meant for your skin type 0:43
Not washing your hands before you wash your face 1:39
Washing your face with water of the wrong temperature 2:29
Not removing your makeup first 3:25
Using facial scrubs too frequently 4:03
Drying your face with a towel 5:11
Using a harsh toner 6:35
Skipping on the serum 7:15
Forgetting about SPF 7:59
Not paying attention to the ingredients in your skincare products 8:41

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– When it comes to skincare, the first thing you need to determine is your skin type. Is it normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive? This is really important because you have to understand what your skin needs from you in order to take care of it properly.
– If you don’t want those germs to spread to your face, wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you begin washing your face.
– Despite the common belief that washing your face with hot water will help open up your pores so that it’ll be easier for you to clean them, hot water will actually end up leaving your face red, blotchy, and irritated.
– If you wear makeup, use micellar water and a cotton ball to gently wipe the makeup from your face. It’s best to spend 10 seconds on each eye.
– Your skin is a smart organ, and it does a good job of exfoliating dead skin cells on its own, shedding about 35,000 of them each hour! Excessive scrubbing will only leave your skin irritated and inflamed and can even lead to premature aging.
– Instead of using a towel, use tissues, paper towels, or even toilet paper! Just be sure to use the side that’s facing the inside of the toilet paper roll.
– Avoid any toners that contain alcohol since they’ll leave your skin dehydrated and irritated. Even if you have oily skin, don’t be tempted.
– Serums are almost magical when it comes to making your skin healthier. And that’s because they offer highly concentrated doses of skin-boosting elements.
– Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is an absolute must! Even if problems like premature aging and hyperpigmentation don’t scare you, then the threat of getting skin cancer should.
– When it comes to which moisturizer to use, you should avoid those that contain oil and look for facial moisturizers that are non-comedogenic.

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