Homemade Baby Wipes – Simple Natural Recipe

Learn how to make easy, natural, homemade Baby wipes. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up this DIY Baby wipes solution. You can make this into disposable or reusable Baby wipes.

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Note: In the video I said 6 months to use for essential oils. Essential oils should be avoided topically until 3 months of age, on full term infants. Some places recommend doing 0.1-0.2% dilution for full term infants up to 3 months old. You decide.

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Distilled water (or boiled water)
Witch Hazel:
Castile Soap:
Lavender essential oil:
Vitamin e (optional)

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Mix ingredients together and set aside. Because it is super easy, I like to just put everything in a mason jar and then shake it up.
To make disposable wipes, cut a paper towel roll (use good-quality, thick paper towels) in half with a sharp knife, and place half into a sealable container. You could also unroll the paper towels and place into a container.
Shake up the Baby wipe solution and pour enough solution over the paper towels to make them damp, but not soaking wet. Place lid over it, and allow it to absorb for a few minutes
To use: pull off a paper towel (I like to squeeze out any excess Baby wipe solution before I use it), use, and toss. If your Baby is dealing with diaper rash, make sure to allow their booty to dry and then apply some natural diaper cream (like this homemade version).

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