Microfiber Face Towels Washcloths Super Absorbent Quick Dry & Antibacterial Hand Cloth


✭Microfibre Travel Towel Highly Absorbent Quick Dry & antibacterial Fingertip Hand Towel- 12×12 inch (30x30cm) 300 GSM, 88% polyester, 12% polyamide, multipurpose microfiber face towels in 7pcs-pack with days naming on it makes your Cleaning more enjoyable every day, one towel one day, clean every day. This premium towel dries much faster than standard towels, so you can reuse it again and again. Ecofriendly, Organic, machine washable.
✭Microfibre Towel, Quick Drying – EXTRA LARGE for Gym, Fitness, Swimming, Sports, Travel, Camping, Hiking, Beach, Yoga, Pilates, Bath, Shower | Super Absorbent, Compact, Lightweight- These microfiber Cleaning cloth can be used in many different purposes, as washcloth– to clean your furniture, kitchen, floor, cars… etc. As a facial towel, it helps remove the oily and will be an enjoyable using.
✭Microfibre Towel Superdry Micro Travel Towels for Swimming Pool Camping Gym Sports and Yoga -This multipurpose towel is made of high water absorbent microfiber fabric; it makes our towel with quick and much moisture absorption of up to 7 times as its own weight and 3 times faster than cotton towels. Microfibre is strong and silky smooth against the skin. This also makes this towel perfect for laying on at the beach or whilst doing Yoga or Pilates.
✭Microfiber facial Cloths Fast Drying Washcloth Assorted 7 Pack- High quality ultra soft, non-abrasive, our microfiber cloths will bring you a comfortable touching and will not scratch surfaces. Cleanse with or without chemical cleaners, leaves no lint and streak free. Made of tight-weave microfibre material that absorbs up to 8x more water than a regular towel. Perfect to dry yourself fast after exercise and activities.
✭Thick Absorbent Microfibre Cleaning Cloths For Kitchen, House And Face, Wash Cloth- All in one towel for multipurpose use in home. Good for face, dishes, glass, car, electronics, kitchen, cars, counter-top, grease, oil, dirt dust and spill. Easy Care and long duration – machine washable, wash by cold water before first use. Do not bleach or tumble or iron, no softer.

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