hiccapop Diaper Wipes Dispenser Baby Wipes Case

hiccapop Diaper Wipes dispenser Baby Wipes Case
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KEEPS WIPES FRESH, CLEAN, AND MOIST | Airtight silicone gasket prevents Baby wipes from drying out. Diaper wipes will always remain perfectly protected, moist and Baby-bottom soft. (Please note, this is NOT a warming dispenser). The wide opening with secure seal is the answer to fresh wipes and a clean, smiling Baby every time!

DESIGNED FOR SIMPLE ONE-HANDED USE | Ergonomically engineered by designers with parenting experience, the lid opens effortlessly and shuts securely with a single touch. Easy to access and use while always leaving one hand free for Baby.

NEVER REACH IN AND COME OUT EMPTY-HANDED | There is nothing worse than an empty Baby wipe dispenser during diaper changes (it’s happened to the best of us). Our three viewing windows allow you to monitor your Wet Wipe quantity without opening the dispenser, so you’ll always know when you’re running low.

WIPES dispenser STAYS FIRMLY IN PLACE | Non-slip rubber feet ensure that your wipes case remains stationary. hiccapop’s wipe box will never slide on the changing table or nightstand while your other hand is busy comforting and caring for your wiggling babe.

ONE WIPE AT A TIME, EVERY TIME | Weighted plate in the base lets you take only one wipe at a time. Avoids clumping, always keeping the next wipe ready to go. Refillable wipe container works with all continuous feed wipes and is perfectly designed for cloth wipes as well.

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