No Scrub Shower For One Month! Fabuloso & Lemon Lysol Together | One Month Use In Shower

Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemon & Sunflower

A viewer suggested that I try mixing Fabuloso and Lysol Lemon together for a bathroom cleaner. I had been using what I call my #MiracleShowerCleaner See my video: Miracle Shower Cleaner!!! Easy, Effective, & Economical | Fabuloso & Vinegar!!!

I tried the Fabuloso and Lysol Lemon for one month on a clean shower stall. After each shower, I sprayed the wet stalls with the Fabuloso and Lemon Lysol mixture. The video shows the results at the end of each of the four weeks. I went one month without scrubbing my shower stall!

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