Meet your baby for the first time and know their Poop II Hindi Vlogs II

Haere mai (welcome)
I am an Indian mom living in NZ with my husband and Baby. NZ is one of the beautiful country in the whole world it feels like Gods own place. I want to share my motherhood , my experience with Baby with everyone hoping to help the new moms out there. I also want to share my lifestyle and show each corner of this Beautiful land – Aotearoa.
Stay tuned …:)

In this video I will be sharing few things which we as a first time mom might find it new or something we were not prepared for. There are bunch of other things that I did not mention in the video but was new for me e.g Baby girls may have red discharges in the nappy which is common or how to wipe their poop . I just focused on the important ones , according to me.

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