YONI WIPES|Peppermint/Coconut Oil Wipes|DIY with Ronda B|RONDA B 2019

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Hey Subies‼️ So it’s today’s video I wanted to share with you all a DIY project on how I make my Yoni Wipes. I’ve been using these wipes for a few months now and also I’ve been receiving so many questions on how I make my wipes. So here’s a quick tutorial. Disclaimer if you think you have a serious problem, please consult a doctor. These wipes are for hygiene purposes🌻

Peppermint Oil benefits: It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It may treat UTI’s and can restore your pH balance. The scent it leaves behind is an extra bonus.

CoconutOil benefits: It has anti-fungal qualities do can restore your pH balance.

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