Long Hair Hacks For Men #2

HOW DOES HAIR WORK? This video will teach you what is ACTUALLY good for your hair and how to take care of it so it can feel healthy and look awesome!

All of the hairs on your body have 3 layers, the central medulla, the inner cortex and the outer cuticle. Now this is important to know for several reasons.

First, getting your hair wet is generally bad because the cortex which is made of protein, absorbs water and swells up and stretches, putting pressure on your cuticle and causing damage that can’t be healed! So keep your hair dry because your hairs are made up of protein, its not living tissue and so it will not heal! Tie your hair up when you shower, or use a shower cap. Only wet your hair when you wash it, once or twice a week.

Over time, the tips of your hairs will fray and split like old rope, making your hair look and feel crappy! This is why you need to trim your hair regularly to fix this problem. I know, I know, you’re trying to get it longer, not shorter, but an important part of having long hair is keeping it healthy by removing those split ends.

The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair and it consists of many layers of overlapping cells that work to keep moisture within the hair, and these cells can be raised or relaxed. Acidic products with a pH between 4-5.5 will causes the cuticle to relax, holding moisture in the hair to keep it soft and flexible, while a more basic product with a higher pH will actually raise the cuticle, allowing more moisture in if your hair is very dry. Always take note of the pH of your hair products!

Now, another way to relax your cuticle. With a brush, that’s why you need to brush long hair regularly, it helps to untangle your hair and it physically pushes down on the cuticle layer to help it relax and protect your hair. It also spreads natural oils around your hair which help protect it from absorbing too much moisture.

Hair follicles naturally produce their own oil called sebum, which makes your hair look shiny and feel great…but it attracts dirt, and this is why we wash our hair. When you do wash your hair, you get rid of that dirt, but you also lose a lot of those natural oils. Sometimes it is wise to add some hair oil after washing to help protect the hair until it can reproduce its natural oils.

By having this knowledge and using these tips, you can take better care of your hair and grow it long and luscious! Enjoy, and use the links below for more information.

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