Beauty on VERO. Behind Closed Doors with Schön! Magazine.

Behind closed doors is a series from Schön! Magazine which profiles agenda-setting artists and gets to know what makes them tick.

So far, so familiar, but what sets this series apart is the fact that each artist is interviewed whilst having their makeup done which leads to a much more relaxed, intimate and revealing conversation than is often achieved by two people sitting opposite each other in low-slung chairs.

As a taster, here is episode three featuring burlesque extraordinaire Gia Genevieve. Catch the rest of the series exclusively on Vero & you can also buy the makeup and products featured in each episode from V)OR makeup‘s profile using Vero’s “Buy Now” feature.

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Director & Interview: Mynxii⁠ White   
Videography: Sebastien⁠ White

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