Do not flush baby wipes in toilet. Costco wipes have a nice symbol/sign Do NOT flush

Disclaimer: Boring Video.
This is not a great video. But as a reminder.. please do not flush Baby wipes in toilets. It all seems harmless but it could cost you $100’s of dollars.

My wife recently put Baby wipes in the bathroom for our kids. I suggested not to do this since if the kids have ready access (as well as strangers), they would probably grab these and easily throw them into the toilet. If this happens to fix the toilet properly, you may need to hire a plumber. You could do it yourself but it’s not exactly an easy thing to do (not just a job for a plunger).

I like how costco Baby wipes have a clear symbol that says do not flush. I had a hard time finding this on a major brand diaper wipe such as huggies (and maybe pampers).

Regardless… moral of the story is to KEEP AWAY any Baby wipes from a bathroom

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