Stop wearing deodorant & try this instead!

After my armpt hair removal routine, I decided to share how I stopped relying on deodorant and antiperspirant to stop underarm body odor. There are a lot of disadvantages to using unnatural underarm hygiene products and they might even be making your armpit smell worse!

Tips to lighten dark underarms
How to keep smooth underarms
Stop using deodorant, use this instead:

Lemon will kill the bacteria under your armpits and you won’t need deodorant any more. My grandma taught my mother this trick back when they were young and couldn’t always afford to buy deoderant. It WORKS!

My Armpit Routine for Clear Underarms

Lemons. That’s it, folks!
Personally, I find rubbing a lemon wedge works best, but you can also use other methods of application.

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