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There are only 4 things that should ever be flushed down the toilet: pee, poop, vomit or puke, and toilet paper. Remember: you should never flush wet wipes down the toilet. Here is why.
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Can our toilet habits be sustainable? What happens to things you flush down the toilet? In this episode of One Small Step, your host Lucy Biggers goes on a mission to find out how we can make our toilet habits more sustainable.

First, Lucy visits a wastewater treatment center in New York City (a waste water treatment plant) and speaks with Mikelle Adgate about some of the major issues with our sewage system and to find out what’s considered ‘flushable.’ Then Lucy chats with Co-Founder of Fohm Co. Jerry Staub, about a more sustainable alternative to wet wipes. Lastly, Lucy sits down with Danny Alexander Co-Founder of “Who Gives a Crap,” to talk about his startup that sells sustainably sourced toilet paper that’s made from bamboo.

The average American uses 3 rolls of toilet paper every week, and although toilet paper is safe to flush, it’s not the only thing that’s making its way into our sewer systems. Where does waste go once it’s been flushed? Everything that gets flushed down the toilet ends up at a waste-water treatment facility.

One major issue is wet wipes. Almost all wet wipes contain plastics or synthetic fibers that, once flushed down the drain, can end up combining with grease into masses called “fatbergs” which clog city sewers, and can cost millions of dollars to clean up each year.

If you want to take one small step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet then remember this: DO NOT FLUSH WET WIPES! Put them in the trash instead.

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