6 Ways to treat Butt Sweat, Fungus, Itching AkA Swamp Butt!

We all have varying degrees of butt sweat, some more than others. But when things get excessive and aren’t tended to, it can lead to some serious discomfort and irritation.

Click below for Products to deal with Excessive butt sweat & Fungus:

Cottonelle flushable Wipes:

Antimicrobial Wash:

Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men:

Caladryl Clear Topical Lotion:

Lotrimin AF:

Please see a Physician if healing hasn’t occurred or improved in 1-2 weeks. Unsuccessful initial treatment, or worsening of condition. Excessive and continuous exudation. Diabetic, immune deficiency, Fever, malaise, or both.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for informational purposes only please consult your local pharmacist or physician before engaging or taking any medication or medical advice of which you are not familiar. Please see a physician if you are or think you may be pregnant.

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