SOUL PERK – 5 Ways to Physically Detox to Improve Your Life!

The average person is exposed to hundreds of toxins on a daily basis through food, water, environment and beauty products. Toxic overload can slow down the healing process significantly. You can help prevent it from taking over your life by making some small changes in your daily routine. In this video Tonia discusses 5 ways that you can physically detox to improve certain areas in your life!

Tonia teaches people how to heal naturally and intuitively by eliminating subconscious blocks that hold them back from living their best life! Through modalities like EFT Tapping and the Emotion Code, healing doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Visit to learn how to tap into your inner healer naturally and intuitively.

Tonia is a certified EFT Tapping and Emotion Code Practitioner. To schedule a personalized energy healing session with Tonia, visit

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