DIY F10 Wet Wipes

SARBU Presents:
DIY F10 wipes
by Raticate’s Rattery

You’ll need:
– A cutting board
– A sharp knife
– Kitchen Towel/Paper
– F10 SC
– A container to keep the wipes in
– Water (about 250 ml) – clean tap water works

Measure and cut the paper towel roll in half
Insert halved paper towel in the container
Mix F10 SC according to the instructions on the back
Pour F10 mixture over the paper towels
Let paper towels soak for a few minutes
Remove the inner tube
Use the F10 wet wipes from the middle

Note that some paper towel brands do not work.
Paper towel brands that do NOT work:
– Twinsavers

Paper towel brands that do work:
– Food Lovers house brand

(I will add more as I test them)

Why make DIY F10 wipes:
– Cheap and easy
– Useful to clean rat cages, ledges, bars and rat toys
– Rat safe
– No added or unknown chemicals
– Can be used to wipe rats’ feet and tails
– An environmentally friendlier option than store bought wipes*

* For a waste free option, use face towels soaked in F10 solution, rinse towels after every use, wash often.

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