'Flushable' Wipes Are Not Flushable and Other Flushing Waste Misconceptions

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Action 3: Only Human Waste, Toilet Paper, and Water Down the Toilet. Trash EVERYTHING Else.

Spoiler alert: ‘flushable’ wipes aren’t flushable!

There is increasing evidence that people are disposing of way more than #1, #2, and toilet paper into their toilets and this is causing massive problems for plumbing pipes, sewer lines, wastewater treatment plants, septic tanks, and ultimately public water bodies.

Products marked ‘biodegradable’, ‘made with natural fibers’, ‘flushable’ are NOT okay to flush.
The fibers from these products combine with household oils that are dumped down drains (and shouldn’t be) to create massive, costly ‘fatbergs’, which block sewers and can lead to sewer overflows.

Make sure you trash everything except human waste and toilet paper.

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Wipes labeled as “flushable” wreak havoc on household plumbing and municipal sewers.

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