My Entire Skincare Routine and How I Keep my Lashify Lashes Clean for Long Wear

Today’s video is answering some common questions I get. First, how do I wash my face at night while wearing Lashify lashes so that I have better longevity and can wear them for a week? And how my nightly routine has changed since my last video? So I’m showing you exactly how I do it and what my one night of my skincare routine currently looks like, including how I use Maskcara Beauty’s Tres Leches. Find the links and more information below and comment with any questions!

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Colors/Products Wearing in the beginning:
Primed with Thank Me later eye primer:
Mango and Sandy highlight using the Buffy Brush
Set with Vanilla Dust powder
Eyeshadows: Cayman powder bronzer as shadow
Brushes used: iShadow everything, Multitasker and Blend and Tap brush
Trust eyeshadow to fill in brows with the Know your Angles or Hotline brush
Maybelline Lash Discovery mascara on bottom lashes
Lashes by Lashify, to learn more watch this:

IIID Foundation:
Mango as color corrector using the Buffy Brush
Sandy as main highlight using the Buffy Brush
Aura as accent highlight using the Buffy Brush
Astoria for contour using the Detail HAC brush
Ballerina lip and cheek using the Blush and bronzer (B squared) brush
The Perfector sponge to remove excess
Set undereyes using Vanilla Dust setting powder and the Power Powder brush
Dulce Illuminator using the Perfector to apply
Bella Bronzer using the B squared brush to apply
Set with Stay Outside Gorgeous as primer and setting spray

Mint Milk Lip Conditioner
Summer Love lip + cheek

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