We Used A Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors and THIS Happened

READ THE COMMENTS & UPDATES BELOW FOR MORE EXPERIENCES! There are many people saying they use steam on hardwood without issues, and a few saying they did experience issues with steam on hardwood. The more testimonies the better! Thank you to everyone who has been adult-enough to contribute their experience with class. As always, rude, sarcastic, or self-promoting commenters will be blocked. More info in blog post & UPDATES below!

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Our Steam Mop:

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Disclaimer: We’re not professionals or experts on this topic, so all we can do is share our own personal experience in hopes that it helps you in your journey! We’re not recommending any particular Cleaning technique, but we do recommend consulting with the pros directly. This post contains affiliate links which may lead to a commission if purchased. This comes at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Update 3/21 – Still using & loving our steam mop! Thinking about posting an update video with close-ups of our still-solid finish/sealer. Leave a comment below if that would be helpful to you!

UPDATE 8/20 – Still using the steam mop on our floors, still not seeing any damage, and still loving it. If you want the exact steam mop supplies we use, I just posted a Kit list with all the steam mop items we love, which you can view here. Didn’t do it at the beginning because I didn’t know this video would get quite so much attention, but hopefully better late than never. I’m also seeing some questions on the mop covers — I use 3 to clean a roughly 1600 sq ft house. But I use one for the kitchen, alone, because it’s usually the dirtiest. I included the interchangeable mop heads we use in the link above, too. Happy Cleaning!

UPDATE 5/20 – Hey guys! After receiving a threat for posting this video (yes, actually), I just want to reiterate that we are not professionals — we can only share our own personal experience, and recommend that you follow manufacturer instructions. Thus far, we are still happy with how the mop is performing. Though it was only one, threatening comments will always be blocked. 🙄We do, however, encourage sharing your own experience using adult dialogue. If you have personally used a steam mop on hardwood floors and either HAVE or HAVE NOT experienced damage, PLEASE leave a comment below so we can all have an accurate representation of real users’ experiences.

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