बेबी वाइप्स क्या है, इनका कैसे इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए। HOW TO USE BABY WIPES. Best Baby Products.

बेबी वाइप्स क्या है, इनका कैसे इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए। HOW TO USE Baby WIPES. Best Baby Products.

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Dear Parents aaj ki video me hm aapko batane ja rahe hai ki Baby wipes kya hota hai aur Baby wipes ko kese use me liya jata hai, wipes kaha kaha faydemand hote hai. ……………………



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Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes : (80 Wipes)
( Pack of 2 )

———–* Navya’s Daily used Products *————-
1. Baby diapers:
2. Diaper Bag:
3. Waterproof Bed Protector Large:
4. Baby Wipes:
5. Diaper Rash Cream:
6. Sanitizer:

———-* Navya’s Bath/Skin Products *——————
1. Baby silicon finger Teeth Brush:
2. Baby Body wash:
3. Baby Body Soap:
4. Baby Shampoo:
5. Baby body lotion after wash:
6. Baby Face Cream:

———* Navya’s Massage Products *————
1. Almond Oil for Baby Massage:
2. Coconut Oil for Baby Massage:
3. Dabur laal Oil:

———* Navya’s Feeding Products *———
1. Baby Feeding Bottles:
2. Bottle Cleaning brush:
3. Hot water bottle:
4. Baby Water Sipper:
5. Baby Bibs:

————* Navya’s Medical Essential *————
1. Baby Nose Cleaner for Infants:
2. Thermometer:

————* Navya’s Winter Warmer *————-
1. Warmer for new born Baby:

2. Baby Warm Wrapper:

————–* Products for Navya’s Mom *———
1. Lotion for Stretch Marks:
2. Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding:


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♥♥Hello, I am Pinki and I welcome you all on my channel Parents Help. On my channel I will provide you very useful information regarding Baby and Infant on behalf my personal experience. I assure you that my information make you very helpful to solve all the problems like babies food, babies help, babies care, all infants problem and regarding pregnancy so don’t worry I am with you.

(These all information only my personal experience so before go to my advises first you consult your doctor…. thank you.)♥♥

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