Keeping a Good Ph Balance 🥰


Hey Guysss !!!! Happy Mondayyy 💕‼️ Starting the week off with a banger !!! I know Valentines Day is over but that don’t mean this advice is irrelevant.. LOL . Keeping a good ph balance is ALWAYS a great thing !! In this video I share with you all my personal favorite products that keep me fresh and clean down there ALL day ☺️ Hope you enjoy !!

New upload schedule every Monday , Wednesday, & Friday’s !! 🥰

1. Probiotics –

2.Coconut Oil –

3. Vagisil Odor Block Wash –

4. Vagisil Dry Spray Wash –

5. Wet Wipes –

If you purchase any of these items done forget to shop through this awesome app called Rakuten that way you get cash back no matter what !! Here’s my link to get started with $10 in your bucket.

These are ALL GREAT saving money apps !! II’m ALL about saving money especially in this quarantine. !! I use these Apps ALL the time 🤩 I know you guys will LOVE IT 🥰


1. Chime – We’ll both get $50 when you open a Chime bank account and set up direct deposit!

2.  GetUpside – I love this app for saving on gas. My code G9Y5K gets us both a 15¢/gal bonus:
GetUpside Video –

3. Self Lender –

4. Rakuten –

5. Ibotta –

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