Put Wet Wipes in the Washer, See What Happens to Your Clothes

It may seem like today, nothing’s easier than doing the laundry: you just toss your well-worn clothing into a washing machine, and in no time, it comes out clean, right? But there are several tips that can make your laundry day much more fun! For example, try to put wet wipes into the washing machine before stuffing your clothes inside.

You don’t need to comb the town in search of some particular wet wipes – the ordinary kind sold at any supermarket will do! Take several wipes, put them in the washing machine, and load your laundry. It’s a pretty cool trick that can make your laundry results much more satisfying.

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Get rid of blood stains 1:37
Use tennis balls 2:00
Add two cups of strong coffee 2:31
Use balls made of aluminum foil 2:54
How to deal with grease stains 3:38
Lost socks 4:31
Get rid of grass stains 7:00
Yellow armpit stains on your clothing 7:13

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– Put two dishwasher tablets into the drum of your washing machine and run a hot cycle with the machine empty. This way, you’ll get rid of microbes, dirt, and even limescale!
– Coca-Cola can help you to get rid of blood stains. You can soak the soiled piece of clothing in the soda overnight for the best result.
– Put a couple of tennis balls into the washing machine whenever you wash your down jackets. The balls will keep the down fluffed up, and they’ll also remove all the foam.
– Throw some ice cubes into the dryer, and you’ll get rid of wrinkles on your clothes.
– Use balls made of aluminum foil to fight static buildup in the dryer.
– Your bed linen and clothes will be a lot softer if you put several neutral-colored balls of wool into the dryer.
– Corn starch comes in handy when you need to deal with grease stains. Apply it directly on the dirty spot, and leave it there for a couple of minutes.
– You can use chalk to remove grease stains as well. Rub a bit of chalk into the dirty spot and wash the item as usual.
– To prevent the colors of your new clothes from fading, add half a cup of salt before washing them.
– Half a cup of white vinegar will save dark denim from fading.
– Both hand sanitizer and hairspray are powerful solvents that can help you to remove ink stains from your clothes!
– Rubbing some white vinegar directly into the armpit stains before washing is another effective way to make your clothing spotless again.

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