Surgeon warns STOP PANIC BUYING toxic disinfectant WIPES 🚫

People are panic buying disinfectant wipes in such high numbers that many stores are running out. Many consumers don’t realize that the chemicals in conventional wipes like Clorox and Lysol brands are toxic. At the very least, labels make it clear skin contact should be avoided and hands need to be washed immediately after use. The main ingredient, dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, comes with serious risks which Dr. Charles Abrahamsen explains in this video. A board certified orthopedic surgeon well acquainted with sterilization processes, he explains the dangers of using conventional disinfectant wipes as well as offers information on non-toxic alternatives like hydrogen peroxide. Dr. Abrahamsen is also my father and an advocate of helping his patients and others move from chemical dependency to cleaner, healthier living.


disinfectant Exposure Decreases Reproductive Hormones:

Reproductive Issues in Mice:

“QUATS” Not Recommended for Home Cleaning:

CDC (see page 47 of PDF):

Other Health Concerns:

Skin Exposure to Occupational Chemicals:

FDA “Just Use Soap & Water”:

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