How to Wipe Your Ass WITHOUT TOILET PAPER During a #PANDEMIC – Educational Video & Survival Hygiene

Step-by-step visuals with detailed instructions. Here’s how to #survive if there is no toilet paper available at your local Walmart due to #coronavirus panic buying. Believe it or not, you CAN live without toilet paper. ***This video has a lot of GRAPHIC LANGUAGE because I was drinking beer and whiskey prior to the filming of this masterpiece. (When I drink I tend to curse like a sailor.) I’m currently under a MANDATORY 14-day Home #Quarantine here at the penthouse suite in Subic, which is on top of the one-month #LOCKDOWN of Metro Manila and the the one-month ENHANCED Community Quarantine of Luzon Island. Not to mention, the entire country of the #Philippines is under a STATE OF CALAMITY for six months. I’m quarantined and locked down in so many ways that I keep thinking about Alcatraz Island for some reason. Anyway, I hope this video helps clear up any confusion you may have about how to wipe your #asshole after taking a dump. The #CDC, the #WHO, and your local health department can’t and won’t produce videos like this so I decided to take the reins. This is a matter of global #PublicHealth so I’m willing to sacrifice. During this Pandemic, people are searching google for “how to wipe my ass without toilet paper” and “how to use the #tabo like a Filipino”. This video will solve the mystery for you. People around the world are scrambling, racing their shopping carts, bickering, arguing, jockeying, cursing at one another, and even FIGHTING over the last pack of #toiletpaper at the supermarket. That’s just plain crazy. Let me help ease your mind about the situation, my friends.

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