The Dirty Truth About Disinfecting Wipes

Since the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people are clearing the shelves of toilet paper and bottled water. Fights have broken out and some families have had to resort to creative means when finding substitutes to toilet paper.

Another product that has gone missing from the shelves is disinfecting wipes. disinfecting wipes are said to be effective in getting rid of the coronavirus from household surfaces, which is why they have become a prized commodity.

But how effective are these wipes, and can we trust all brands of disinfecting wipes to do the trick? Here’s the dirty truth about disinfecting wipes.

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Help in a pandemic… | 0:00
…If used correctly | 1:21
Germ-killing ability | 2:21
Unintended effects? | 3:18
disinfecting vs. Cleaning | 4:02
One of many Cleaning tools | 4:49
More than one needed | 6:00
Don’t keep them in your car | 6:50
Disinfect, rinse, repeat | 7:33
Not safe for children | 8:21
Do they expire? | 9:21
Not meant for skin | 10:01
Not for every surface | 10:47
Serious benefits | 11:38

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