UV Light Sanitizer – Antiviral – Antibacterial – Disinfect – UV Sterilization

UV Light Sanitizer – Antiviral – antibacterial – Disinfect – UV Sterilization

Antiviral – antibacterial sanitizing function – UV Disinfection light

Sterilize / Sanitize your personal items such as: cell phone, credit cards, watches, glasses, keys, gloves, mask, shoes, clothing, Baby– kids toys and bottles, pet toys, toilets, bathroom surfaces, housewares and household items.

Suitable for home, office, car, business trip, travel, easy to carry and use. Maintain cleanliness in the room, closet and storage spaces.
Foldable design
Lightweight clamshell design saves space and can be used at any time. About the length of a cell phone when folded.

Easy to operate
Simple operation, just press the switch button to open the light power.

Automatic switch
With built-in automatic safety switch, when the lamp tube is activated and facing upwards towards eyes and face, the UV lamp is automatically turned off. To reactivate, just rotate the UV lamp face down.

Two ways of power supply
It can be powered by USB connection (cannot be charged), and also supports 4 AAA batteries.

Type: portable UV disinfection light
Quantity: 1pc
Material: plastic + electric component
Color: white
Interface: USB
Battery: 4* 6v AAA ( not included)
Voltage: USB 5v
Current: 450ma
UV-C tube: 2W
UV wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm).
Irradiation intensity: > 2500uw / cm2.
Size: 5 inches (folded) Weight: 65g/ 2.29oz

1- portable UV disinfection light – Batteries not included

Limited Supply – Buy Now:

Equip yourself with the latest Tech in Sanitation and Personal Hygiene

The Portable UV Sanitizer
for a More Thorough Clean
Eliminate the bacteria, viruses, and
pathogens you didn’t know were there
• Wave Mobile Klean over a surface, and it kills the bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light
• Reduces you and your family’s chances of getting sick
• Compact design makes it convenient for use wherever you go
Protect Your Health by
Using Ultraviolet Light to Kill
Harmful Micro-Organisms
Nasty germs don’t just live in public spaces. In fact, you’re more likely to get a sore throat from your keyboard, smartphone, or TV remote control than you are by visiting a public washroom. Mobile Klean is a germicidal sanitary device that uses UV-C light to eliminate the threat of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and allergy-inducing microorganisms found on the items closest to you.
Mobile Klean is your portable line of defense against sickness. Unlike disinfectant Cleaning wipes, Mobile Klean is safe for use on everything from your eyeglasses and electronics to your cutting board and cutlery. The folding compact design makes it easy to store in your purse, backpack, jacket pocket, or carry-on luggage. No matter where you go, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing you’re always ready to sanitize.

Maintain Your Wellbeing and
Peace of Mind

• Reduce Bouts of Sickness
How many objects do you touch with your fingers in a single day? Now
consider the number of times your fingers come into contact with your
eyes, nose, and mouth? Mobile Klean helps keep you out of the
doctor’s office.

• Designed for User Safety
As a friendly reminder to avoid staring directly into any UV light, Mobile
Klean includes a built-in safety feature whereby the device will only
activate when it is facing down.

• Getting Started
• MobileKlean works on pretty much any surface, from your electronics to your furniture.

Cleaning the Surface
• Open Mobile Klean up and direct the UV-C light down toward the surface of the item. Hold it approximately 6 inches above the area in question.

• Making Sure It’s Sanitized
• Ensure the targeted area is covered in light for about 20 seconds, allowing the UV-C light to target the virus’s DNA and stop them from multiplying and causing harm.
Kids and senior citizens run the highest risk of getting sick. Whether you’re a parent or a designated caregiver, Mobile Klean ensures a thorough job of Cleaning up. Avoid sickness and spreading germs. Get Mobile Klean today for a special price.

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