Cleaning wet tissue packing machine

It is suitable for producing Baby wet wipes, Cleaning wet tissue, Working process: nonwoven unwinding— cutting–vertical folding—liquid adding on line—length setting— sachet cutting—stacking –final product output.
The number of tissue can be set on the machine, the bag size can be also adjusted in a certain scope.
Main technical parameter(suitable to 30-120pcss/pack)
Product type:Baby wipes(non cross folding)
Product speed: 250-350 cuts/mi(set on PLC)
Suitable raw material: air laid paper, spunlace/hot-rolling nonwovefabric
 Weight of raw material : 35-80g/㎡
Folding way : “Z”  or “V” shape (pop up and non-pop up)
Cutting unite:.a.double paper shelves
           B.10 lanes or 12 lanes,2 rolls
           c.raw material roll width :900~1250mm
 Length of wet tissue:140-220mm(set on PLC)
Size of raw material: (1000-1320)×Ø1000 (mm,W×Dia)
Wet tissue unfolded size: (140-220)×(150-250) (mm,L×W)
Wet tissue folded size: (140-220)×(90-110) (mm,L×W)
Material supply system:Servo motor
Cutting system:Converter motor
Piling system:Servo Motor
Power supply: 380V 50HZ
Power: 9KW
Size of machine: 9600×3300×2000(mm,L×W×H)
Weight of machine:5000 kg
Water Tank:400L with agitator  2pcs

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