Deepfresh Probiotics – Natural, newborn wet wipes

We designed Deep Fresh Probiotics Natural newborn Baby Wet Wipes, which consists of 99% water and organic ingredients, for your Baby‘s sensitive skin!
Our priority has always been naturalness and protecting your Baby‘s sensitive skin!
The special formula developed for your Baby contains the peptides we have obtained by fermenting coconut and friendly bacteria Lactobacillus. These peptides provide extra moisture to your Baby‘s skin.
Vegan certified Deep Fresh Probiotics Natural newborn Wet Wipes, does not contain alcohol, paraben, dyestuff, phthalate, phenoxyethanol, perfume, or allergen.
It is produced using soft Veocel fabric, which is produced from natural wood fibres and has a superior moisture-holding capacity.
Deep Fresh Probiotics wet wipes do not pollute the environment thanks to its 100% biodegradable structure in nature and protect not only the skin but also the future of your Baby!
The right choice for your Baby!

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