wet wipes machine

It is the wet wipes machine ,the working process are as following: non woven tissue unrolling and folding, packing film folding and sachet forming, tissue inserting, solution liquid filling, sachet sealing , final sachet output and delivery on conveyor and counting.
It is suitable for producing sterilizing alcohol pad,nail polishing tissue, lens Cleaning wipes, wet towel, wet Cleaning wipes, moist wipes, airline Cleaning tissue, hand cleaner, nipple wipes, nonoxinol pellicles tissue, refreshing towel, lens Wet Wipe, cotton wipes, 70% isopropyl alcohol towel, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial wipes etc.
We can produce single sachet on the machine, or 2/4/6 or more sachets in a strip with perforation line in between each sachet for easy tear. It can also be realized to fill different liquid into different sachet or one sachet dry and one sachet wet.
Besides, the pouch and tissue size can be adjusted on the machine in a certain scope, no need to change mould, meanwhile, we have the counting function which can be set on the touch screen, therefore it helps to the next cartoning by manul, or we can also connect our tissue packing machine with the automatic cartoning machine.
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