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Is it safe to flush wet wipes? Wet wipes, Baby wipes, and so-called “flushable wipes” cause problems every step of the way from your toilet to your local municipal sewage treatment plant.

The problem with wet wipes is not that they won’t flush through the toilet drain. The trouble begins downstream in the sewer. If your sewer is an older one built out of clay, concrete, or iron pipes, you’re asking for trouble when flushing wet wipes, paper towels, tampons, cotton balls and facial scrub pads. Why? Fibrous wet wipes, tampons and sanitary items probably won’t dissolve for days, weeks, months or longer. The end result is you could spend hundreds of dollars having Roto-Rooter remove the clog to prevent sewage from backing-up into your home.

But the big reason wet wipes are in the news is because of the trouble they cause even farther downstream at the sewage treatment plant. The fibers can clog up pumps and cause them to overheat or burn up. As you might have guessed, those industrial-grade pumps are expensive and that means taxpayers are picking up the tab every time one goes down.
As the world’s leading provider of sewer and drain Cleaning services, we at Roto-Rooter, we recommend throwing wipes into a lined waste basket instead of flushing down the toilet.

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