dismantle the folding part of wet wipes packing machine

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We make design of the machine according to the world advanced paper and nonwoven packaging machinery technology, our wet wipes packing machine is suit for the manufacture of moist towelettes in any size and Packaging. but,it need to changed the different heater platens for manufacture different size moist towelettes , so good communication is the first step to letting us know which type wet wipes or what’s the size of the wet wipes you are preparing to produce.
While our machine make most sizes of moist towelettes, the use of the towelette usually dictates the size. . If you want to manufacture a sunscreen towelette that covers the face, neck and hands, then you may want an 200mm x 130mm towel in a 60mm x 80mm packet. If you want to manufacture a platen wipes, you might want a 10mm x 13mm towel in a 55mm x 65mm packet. If you want to manufacture a sting relief towelette, you might a 30mm x 60mm towel in a 50mm x 50mm packet. If you want to manufacture a self-tanning towelette, you may want a 200mm x 150mm towel in a 70mm x 100mm packet.
So you have one of our machine is equivalent to be a manufacturer of a variety of wet wipes as following:
Ocular region care wipes,refreshing napkin,Adhesive Activator towelettes,Adhesive Remover towelettes(Nail Polish remover towel),Anti-fogging towelettes,antibacterial towelettes,Antistatic towelettes,Cable cleaner towelettes ,Feminine hygiene towelettes(Lady Wipes) ,Golf Grip towelettes ,Insect repellent towelettes ,Ink remover towelettes ,Self tanner towelettes AND spongettes(Shoes Clean wipes),Senior care towelettes ,Sting relief towelettes ,Sunscreen towelettes,Solvent wipe towelettes ,Surf industry towelettes ,Vehicle cleaner towelettes(alcohol pad),Perfume towelettes ,Platen cleaner towelettes ,Screen cleaner towelettes

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