How GOOD was Bellossom ACTUALLY – History of Bellossom in Competitive Pokemon

Bellossom is today’s Pokemon for our competitive history series! Join False Swipe Gaming in this brief overview of Bellossom in competitive Pokemon!



Gen 8 Sprites from here:

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – GSC/Gen 2
2:36 – ADV/Gen 3
4:41- DPP/Gen 4
5:48 – BW/Gen 5
6:50 – XY/Gen 6
8:04 – SM/Gen 7
9:28 – SS/Gen 8
9:50 – Outro

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Ryan Gonzales

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Ryan Gonzales

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Notice I said POPULAR formats, meaning a format where there is a significant amount of people who compete in it for tournaments and so on and so forth.

For the record, I do not care what rules or formats people play their battles by nor am I saying these formats are the only formats that should be played. The way you play Pokemon is between you and your opponent. I just like examining popular tournament formats.

Songs Used (List of ALL Songs used for this series. Some may or may not make it into the video):

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Resources and Historical References

History of Rule Variants:

Smogon University:


Aaron Cybertron Zheng:


Pokemon Battle Historia:

Nintendo Cup 2000 Team Construction:

Nintendo Cup 2000 Tier List:

Pokemon Japanese Battle Wiki:

Sprites From:

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