Wet and Dry Wipes Cover Tutorial/ Sanitize 3in1 Bag DIY

want to carry wet and dry wipes and hand sanitizer at once? Make a purse or cover. But how if we want to bring other stuff? Make a bag instead of a purse. make sanitize 3in1 Bag DIY
This is an easy project and can be done even ofor a beginner.

No need to download a pattern because the shape of the panel is a box. we can directly cut the dimension on a piece of fabric.

Here i write the materials and the quantity of them.
Some technic can be found on my previous tutorial such as Hor to make a zipper pocket, how to make a ling strap for crossbody bag.

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1. Main Exterior
– Fabric 30×32 cm cut 2
– Fabric 4×24 cm cut 4 (for recessed zipper)
– Fabric 3×5 cm for zipper stopper cut 2
– Cover for wet wipes 1 pc
– Zipper length 36 cm cut 1
2. Main interior
– Fabric 30×32 cm cut 2
– Fabric 22×30 cm cut 1 (for pocket)
3. Pockets
– Fabric 22×44 cm cut 2
– Zipper length 22 cm cut 2
4. Side Pocket
– Fabric 12×22 cm cut 2
5. Straps
– Webbing 2,5 cm length 130 cm cut 1
– Fabric 5×8 cm cut 2 (for D ring connector)
– Slider buckle 1 pc
– Swivel hook 2 pcs

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