SCS – DIY Charcoal Clay Mask

Make & store your own charcoal & clay mask to use on your face or natural hair.
Today we’re talking about skin again.

Specifically I’m doing a detox and even more specifically I’m doing a skin detox.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how every month I either do a cleanse on my hair using castile soap to cleanse my scalp or I do a detox once a month.

I try to alternate between the 2 but it’s always at the beginning of the month. When I do a detox on my hair I almost always do it on my face as well.

So this week I’m doing a detox on my face using bentonite clay & charcoal. AND I’m also going to do it on my underarms!

Yup… you heard right! Watch the video below to see why & to see the process I use. I’m also giving my tips on differences in water usage, timing, & how detoxing helps in the transition to natural deodorant.

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